Who We Are


Jme Consulting is a cloud business consulting and technology advisory company. We believe in bringing technology and business together, and there needs to be a balance between the two.

Over the years we’ve come across systems implementations that have gone horribly wrong, and we had to fix it!

Out of our experience we conclude that most system implementation partners out there do a good job, but they usually focus on the technical systems side when implementing at their clients. By only having a technical mindset based on systems and product features, the actual business and it’s real world processes aren’t addressed particularly well.

We say enough of this! We bring the business, how it actually works and the technology together. One first need to understand how the particular business really operates, align this to industry good practice standards, design the solution and then implement systems for the client.

When you work with us, your mind can be at ease that we see the full bigger picture! We are not in business to simply allow our clients to solve a particular problem over the short-term. We implement solutions that are scalable, allow for business growth and put the client’s business in a better position to succeed.